Our role in uplifting South Africa

Acute Accountants hold it in high regard to be a responsible corporate citizen in South Africa.

We have instituted a company policy of giving our time, skills and resources to worthy causes that equals at least Ten Percent of our turnover per annum at no consideration.
If you are a Non Profit Organisation who feels that they require some financial relief feel free to contact us via email at npo@acuteacc.co.za


The following are special projects we assist through various accounting and advisory duties:

Many children in South Africa are neglected and abused and will never know the love and care of a family. At Timios Homes we are committed to changing and impacting the lives of children in a positive manner – making a real difference.

Timios Homes provides families for abused, orphaned and vulnerable children through foster care, and strive to provide assistance guiding these children’s processes towards more permanent placements i.e. adoption if possible. We are specialists in identifying and preparing suitable parents to take care of children in need. Our services focus mainly on the child in need and ensure that these children receive the best therapeutic, legal, physical, medical and psychological care. Most of all we want every child to experience love and security within a family environment. Timios Homes believes in and strives to give each child a voice and to restore their trust in people.

If you would like to donate or get involved with Timios Homes, please visit their website on
www.timioshomes.co.za or dial 012 543 9802